Our Charolais farm, registered in the Herd Book, is located at Isenay in the Nièvre region of Bourgogne, central France. GAEC Gauthé is a family enterprise of 4 partners and 2 employees. It was during the 1960s that the first animals of our pedigree herd of Charolais were selected by our father, Michel Gauthé. He was passionate about breeding cattle to a high standard and taught us, his sons, to select the best foundation Charolais to enable us to breed the best animals..

Currently on our 500 hectares of exceptional grazing land we rear and produce for the market 350 registered Charolais breeding cows and 20 bulls selected from the best French stock..

We give great importance to the consistent quality of our beasts, particularly our heifers and cows. Our commitment is to maintain the standard and criteria of our animals in order to produce breeding cows with an average weight of 800 to 950 kg, with top quality conformation for meat whilst still ensuring ease of calving and maternal qualities. At the same time we are also dedicated to maintaining the original characteristics of the race, such as hardiness.

We are always searching for the best ways to ensure the animals are reared in the open air and the herds feed mainly on the grass in our extensive grazing pastures.

Our customers appreciate the results of our breeding plan based on selection of the female stock from our large number of animals.

Over the years our work has been recognised at regional and national shows by various awards including National Champion. This is an excellent advertisement for our selection process which guarantees animals from our fields are of a consistent standard, quality and condition.

Our national record of achievement speaks for itself:

2008 Vénus – individual champion
Prizes for female families, with several generations of females from the same family side by side – reflecting our objectives
1st prize at national competitions – Nevers 2007, Moulins 2008, adult cows le Marault 2008, “Family” prize at the National Charolais Show in la Roche sur Yon 2009

Having passed the difficult qualifying stages, we are also present at national competitions such as Paris and Cournons.

Each year we offer for sale from our herd around 100 male breeding animals which have been allowed to develop at their own rhythm in order not to jeopardise their future reproductive career. It will soon be possible to buy frozen embryos from our best specimens.

Visitors are welcome throughout the year to see the animals on the farm at St Etienne de Vandenesse in the Bourgogne region of France as well as at the commercial ventures held there.

The Charolais cattle we sell are never forgotten. They are the result of 40 years of selection. We have thought about them and watched over them for many months and they become our ambassadors. We want to be proud of them and so their success on your farm is important to us. You’re not just a customer – you’ll become our partner because we like to keep in touch and to keep a record of the progress of our animals in your herd. The importance of the Charolais breed imposes exacting terms and your satisfaction is the reward for our work.

Through this website, we would like to make new contacts and exchange ideas with our partners and all lovers of the fine and beautiful Charolais cattle.
Contacts in French :

• François : ( code mobile) 06 14 51 43 04
• Guy : (code mobile) 06 75 12 72 98
• Dominique : (code mobile) 06 89 80 77 48

Contacts in english by this blog. We are going to translate.